YOGA that is also a part of subtle science as well as life, which majorly focuses on our harmony between our mind and body. It is a art of science that is very creative. 

In simple language it is a relaxing form of exercise that develops in INDIA and it involves various type of postures and stretches as well as various type of breathing techniques that promote our lifestyle by making it much better.

In simple language YOGA is the art of making connection between soul and supreme soul.





Burn Your Fat

Yoga is very beneficial for us and also in losing weight in healthy way. Many people think they yoga is not alone responsible for weight loss, so yes this is right but the yoga with healthy eating plays a major role in losing our weight and also keeping our mind healthy and fit, yoga help in increasing your mind fulness and helps in burning of your fat. A slim and stylish body is every people’s wish and to cover this there are two important aspects of losing weight, healthy eating, and exercise. It not only helps in weight loss but also provide various benefits to offer such as

Back Pain Relief

Back pain usually generates from the bones ,joints muscles, and nerves . It is very painful and mainly old aged people suffered from back pain. It also radiates other parts of the body such as arms and shoulders. It is a major worldwide problem due to back pain there are so many people which are not able to do work gently they get some difficulties to do work even they feel painful by standing for a time. As a matter of fact, nine of ten persons experience back pain once in their life.

Path to Freedom

Our modern age is suffering from stress, tension, and anxiety. Today humans ran behind to earn money for those people money is everything and they don’t feel comfortable. They become selfish and this causes stress, mental problem. To get rid of these physical changes. Yoga plays a vital role in providing rid of tensions and mental problems. The following point clearly shows the importance of yoga in our day-to-day life.

Yoga is derived from our Sanskrit word i.e. “yuj”, which means to unite. It makes the union between individual soul with the absolute soul with the absolute or divine soul it is also a link between Atma and Prmatma. A beneficial understandable line for yoga given by Lord shri Krishna in bhagwda gita is “Skill in actions or efficiency alone is yoga”. yoga plays an important role in human day to day life.