The Ultimate Master Of Yoga- Adiyogi

The Ultimate Master Of Yoga- Adiyogi

God is itself a big word that describes the whole universe, The one extreme soul which controls all the activities of humans and its beautiful art. We are lucky that we are born on this Earth and we can enjoy the beauty of art and majorly we are thankful for our motherland who give us so many things. We all are the same god makes us equal with equal abilities.

Now we talk about our India, anciently called Bharat Varsha, it is a republic country where all religions exist with unity, there are so many religious areas present in India, and somewhere we see the sense of unity and the common spirituals ethos.

Similarly, YOGA is also originated from India by the rishi Patanjali, in our yogic culture major god is shiva not the god but the Adi yogi and the first yogi. Mahadeva is also known as Adi yogi. Out of his realization, he has become ecstatic and danced all around the mountains or sat virtually still. All of the gods who noticed him saw something became occurring to him that they themselves did now not recognize. They felt that “we are missing out on something.” once they in the end got him to teach the approach, shiva expounded diverse styles depending on the extent of preparedness of the individual sitting in front of him.

The first part of shiva’s teaching turned into Parvati, his spouse. It becomes taught in a positive intimacy. In tremendous element and in very mild methods, shiva expounded the approaches of yoga to the devil. The yoga sutras of shiva are such that during almost every sutra, he refers to Devi as the resplendent one, the gracious one, the stunning one. So this coaching transpired between two human beings with utmost intimacy. Intimacy should not be understood as sexuality. Intimacy method there may be no resistance. This character is virtually open to something that is being supplied.

The second set of yoga teachings became expounded to the sapta rishis, or the primary seven sages. This came about on the banks of kantisarovar at kedarnath. That is wherein the sector’s first yoga application came about. Whilst we say “yoga,” you need to now not think about twisting your frame, keeping your breath, or such things as that. We aren’t speaking about a specific exercise or approach. We are talking about the very science of advent and the way to take this piece of creation – you – to its final opportunity. We are seeking out exquisite mastery over fundamental procedures of lifestyles, the very technique of creation and dissolution. It does no longer count number at what degree of evolution someone is right now, for each being on the planet there may be a positive way. That is the advantage of yoga.

So yoga is very important for our health, as well as wealth no one, underestimate the power of yoga, By this we can easily cure our disease and mental problems this era is very stressful, to avoid stress and mental problems we have to do yoga for our better health, This is proven that by doing yoga you feel energetic as well as confident. Because the power of yoga is extreme, By the example of lord shiva you easily understand, they control the whole universe through meditation. Shiva is the ultimate master of yoga that symbolizes all the manuals and yoga. Always believe in shiva and yoga they don’t cheat on you.

Because yoga and belief in god always prominent and supreme which is always beneficial for humans and their culture, humans have to be understood that the aim of life is only peace and to reach the supreme soul. So do yoga there is no other example other than Lord Shiva and we are the children of Shiva.

How to get rid of dark circles


Dark circles under your eyes cause a bad impact.

It is a very popular question among people that Are dark circles a serious health problem? Not really, but many people feel that dark circles under their eyes make them look tired and also decrease their confidence and energy level, older, or unhealthy as well as the various impact that cause dark circles under your eyes.

There are a number of methods by which we can prohibit it — both natural as well as medically prescribed — that people use to get rid of them or lessen the appearance of, dark circles under their eyes that cause a bad impact on our health as. Although not all of these treatments are permanent but with maintenance and consistency, they will help reduce the appearance of dark circles and their symptoms.

Why do we have dark circles under our eyes?

Although dark circles under your eyes are most commonly caused by fatigue, tension, stress as well as anxiety that depressed you there are other causes as well, including:

  • Allergies.
  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever).
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema).
  • Contact dermatitis.
  • Heredity.
  • Pigmentation irregularities.
  • Scratching or rubbing eyes.
  • Sun exposure.

Another cause of dark circles is the natural aging process and when we came to the old generation. When you age, you tend to lose fat and collagen, and your skin often thins, and this causes a bad impact on your health as well. This can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more prominent and effective.


How to get rid of dark circles

There is a number of ways by which you can easily get rid of the bu using natural home remedies and various medical products as well which helps you in vanishing away dark circles under your eyes.

As apart from treatment of these dark circles you might try some natural home remedies that can easily help in vanishing away those dark circles easily.


Fatigue, anxiety, and a lack of sleep can cause dark circles under your eyes. It can also make you look paler and rubbish, which might make your dark circles appear darker. Make sure you’re getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night and vice versa and practicing good sleep hygiene because Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.


Sometimes the dilated blood vessels can darken the area under your eyes and make your eyes defective. A cold compress can cause the blood vessels to be constricted, which may result in a lessening of the dark circles as well as swelling.


Reduce or eliminate sun exposure to your face possible.


There are many over-the-counter moisturizers that might help you with the dark circles under your eyes as well as care for your skin. Many of them contain caffeine, vitamin E, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and/or retinol which easily vanished away all dark spots and pimples.


Proponents of natural healing suggest chilling thick slices of cucumbers and then placing the chilled slices on dark circles for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the area with water properly. Then repeat this treatment twice a day.

Almond oil and vitamin E

The natural healing of advocates suggests mixing equal amounts of almond oil or vitamin E and then, just prior to bedtime at night, gently massage the mixture into the dark circles. In the morning wash the area with cold water carefully. Repeat this process nightly until the dark circles disappear.

Vitamin K

A 2016 study trusted Source showed that placing a pad (which contained a mixture that included caffeine as well as vitamin K) under the eye resulted in the reduction of wrinkle depth and dark circles as well as spots.

Tea bags

Natural healers suggest soaking two teabags — use caffeinate tea — in warm water and then chilling the bags in the refrigerator for few minutes. Place a bag on each eye gently. After five minutes, remove the tea bags and rinse the area with cold water and soak your face with a towel properly.

9 Workout For ABS

There is nothing better than 6 pack abs, this gives you a different type of confidence and also built them. To ensure this we are here to present some exercises which boost your energy level as well as generate your abs. Apart from this these exercises also help you a lot in gaining stamina.

Benifits of Strong ABS

-Reduces Back Pain
– Support Good Posture of body
– Build Functional Strength and stamina
– Create Stability and Balance of body
– Improve Sports Performance and recreation
– Control Inflammation of the body
– Make You Live Longer and better
– Help You Breathe Better and improve respiratorily
– Improve Your Ability to Bear Weight and gain
– Help in Prevention of Injuries
– Protect Your Central Nervous System and Inner Organs of the body

Abs workout 1: Unilateral powerhouse

This one is great for targeting the deep core muscles and emphasizes good posture of the body this helps you a lot.

Do 3 rounds of the following:

  1. 20 Dumbbell Renegade Rows
  2. 20 Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press With Twist (each side)
  3. 8 Split Squats (each side)
  4. 30 Dumbbell Suitcase Walking Lunges (each side)
  5. 8 Single-Leg Squats with Dumbbell Lateral Raise (weight in the hand of the working leg), each side
  6. 15 Single-Leg Deadlift with Upright Row (each side)
  7. Side Plank With 15 Dumbbell Flyes (each side)

Abs workout 2: No-crunch workout

There’s so much stabilizing going on here, your entire core will be burning way more than your abs do after a hundred crunches this helps you a lot in burning your fat.

Do 3 rounds of the following:

Abs workout 3: Cardio core shred

Get your blood pumping (and the calories burning) with this high-energy workout and exercises that help you a lot.

Do 3 rounds of the following circuit. Rest for a minute between sets:

  1. 20 Skater Lunges
  2. 20 Mountain Climbers
  3. 20 Burpees
  4. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins (alternating sides)
  5. 1-minute Side Planks
  6. 20 Knee-to-Opposite-Shoulder Knee-ins

Abs workout 4: Plank variations

Because holding still in a simple forearm plank for eternity is both boring and counterproductive and very effective, most of losing form after a minute, causing strain on their back. This routine keeps you moving and makes your back strong and fit. Bonus: There is no equipment needed.

Do this following plank series twice a day

  1. 15 Forearm Side Planks With the “Thread the Needle pose” (curl top arm under and back up; repeat, then switch sides after doing one)
  2. 10 Pushups to Straight-Arm Side Plank
  3. 1-minute Side Plank
  4. Forearm Plank with 20 Toe Taps (do all 20 with one foot then switch sides after that)
  5. Forearm Plank with 20 Side-to-Side Hip Dips
  6. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins
  7. 20 Knee-to-Opposite-Shoulder Knee-ins
  8. 15 Forearm Side Plank With “Thread the Needle”

Abs workout 5: Standing abs workout

You don’t have to take all your core work lying down and control your breathing.

Do 3 rounds of the following circuit:

  1. 20 Dumbbell Chops (each side)
  2. Plank with 20 Knee-ins (do all reps on one side, hold last one for 5 breaths, then switch)
  3. 8 Forward Lunges
  4. 8 Single-Leg Squats With Dumbbell Lateral Raise (weight on same side as working leg; do all reps on one side, then switch)
  5. 12 Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press (each side)  
  6. 20 Dumbbell Swings 

Abs workout 6: Bodyweight abs workout

No equipment? No problem.

Do 3 rounds of this circuit:

  1. 20 Butterfly Kicks by (done lying on your back)
  2. 20 Crunches
  3. 20 Russian Twists
  4. 20 Elbow-to-Knee Crunches
  5. 20 Butterfly Situps by (soles of feet together, knees out to the side)
  6. 20 Side-to-Side Knee Drops by (on back, knees bent up in a right angle, and many more) helps you a lot
  7. 20 Crunches
  8. 20 Butterfly Kicks by (done lying on your back)

Abs workout 7: Anti-flexion workout

This workot helps in making your body more stable and flexible which increase your strength as well as make you body fit, to make the core muscles more stable.

Do 3 rounds of the following:

  1. 20 Supermans
  2. 20 Dumbbell Pullovers by (you can also do this with a medicine ball, as shown)
  3. Forearm Planks With 20 Toe Taps by (do all reps with one foot, then switch)
  4. Side Planks With 20 Leg Pendulums (each side)
  5. 20 Prone Reverse Crunches by (face down, place hands behind head and raise chest off ground, toes stay down)
  6. Side Plank With 15 Dumbbell Flyes (each side)
  7. 1-minute Forearm Plank
  8. 20 Supermans

Abs workout 8: Deep V workout

The main aim of this workout is to create a V shape on your stomach i.e. ABS

Do 3 rounds of the following circuit:

  1. 12 Lying Alternating Leg Lifts by (each side)
  2. 20 Supine Reverse Crunches With Overhead Dumbbellby (hold the weight right above the ground and raise your legs up to a reverse crunch)
  3. 20 Bicycle Crunches by (make your legs fully extended)
  4. 10 Inchworms by (pause briefly in plank position)
  5. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins
  6. 20 Knee-to-Opposite-Shoulder Knee-ins

Abs workout 9: 5-minute abs circuit

This workout also helps in boosting your energy level. Do three to five rounds of the following:

  1. 20 Dumbbell Pullovers
  2. 20 Bicycles with Full Leg Extension
  3. Forearm Plank with 20 Side-to-Side Hip Dips

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

The stomach is a very important part of our body which plays a major role in the process of digestion as well as storage of food, and if you have pain in the stomach then you have to do some yoga asana for your stomach and also helps in relaxation of increasing peristalsis and vagal tone. Vagal tone is the status of the vague nerve which helps in regulating major functioning of the body like digestion, to overcome stomach pain we have to do more yoga asanas to regulate our stomach pain. So, by exercise and yoga our vagal tone increases.

Some of the yoga asanas that help in increasing the vagal tone in our stomach which helps in the proper functioning of the body and helps are:


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

By practicing this asana, it helps in calm of the body and mind, that helps in increasing the process of digestion as well as helps in secretion of enzymes that plays a vital role in process of digestion.

  • To start this asana firstly find a comfortable place then seat with crossing your legs with facing up your palms as well as thighs also.
  • Closed your mouth and start breathing this helps in making the respiratory system more effective and also helps in the constriction in the back of the throat.
  • Keep this yoga asana regular and properly exhale and inhale oxygen gas.


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

This yoga asana helps in bringing you into parasympathetic state as well as calms your body and helps in increasing the process of digestion and fight against nausea.

  • Firstly, sit sideways to the wall with a yoga block.
  • Then roll your back by bending your knees and uplift your hips. After a minute lower your hips down to the rest.
  • Keep your legs straight up with the bits of help of the wall and turn your palms up to your face then close your eyes for a minute, you definitely feel relaxed.


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

This yoga is very useful in providing relief from stomach and also helps in relieving the tension from shoulder and back and increase the amount of peristalsis that helps in massaging the colon with thighs.

  • Firstly, sit comfortably on your yoga mat and then lay down on your back.
  • Then wrap your arms around your shins, after that put your knees into your chest that helps in reaching to the opposite elbows.
  • Hold this yoga asana for 8 rounds and then keep breathing slowly this also helps in increasing the rate of your respiration.


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

This pose is very useful in in increasing of parasympathetic state and helps in massaging of colon with thighs, it helps in increasing the process of digestion through our vagal tone as well as peristalsis.

  • In firstly, start with the position of the tabletop with your hands and knees.
  • After that bring your legs together and then put your hands towards your legs by lowering your hips as well as heels also.
  • Then lower your chest towards your thighs with the help of your hands, by bringing your forehead to the ground.  After doing this close your eyes for a minute and take a long breath slowly.


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain

This asana helps in increasing the rate of peristalsis that helps in massaging the both side of colon. That also helps in increasing the rate of digestion and make it perfect.

  • Firstly, sit with the help of your knees and bent them gently, after that sit properly with the help of your feet.
  • After that bring your knees at the angle of 90 degrees and uplift your feet by parallel to your shins against the floor.
  • Slowly inhale or exhale and lower your knees to the left side, after that hold this posture for a minute you feel better and get rid of stomach problems.

Yoga asana for good sleep at night

Yoga is beneficial for every one and in every situation, a very gentle way to wind down your busy life. According to the survey it is found that over 56% people who perform yoga found that they get a better sleep and similarly 85% people said yoga is beneficial in reducing of stress and anxiety.

So, the yoga is solution of all problems without yoga there is nothing in today’s era. If you perform yoga only for a minute you can get relief from mental stress and various diseases. So do yoga on regular basis if you have any problem.

Your breath plays avital role in giving relax, in yoga breath is equally important- if not more important- as the physical pose. So due to this there are many asanas which helps you in breathing and relax your mind ujjayi breath which is also known as Ocean breath and Victorious breath. If you practice these yoga asanas right before bedtime, then this can improve your problem of sleeping.

Similarly, there are various yoga asanas which provides you a relax and reduce mental stress permanently, always remember the more that you practice these poses regularly, the more you likely get a good night’s rest.

So, yoga isn’t just good for improving flexibility, core strength and stress level but also helps in providing a better sleep especially when you suffer from insomnia.

There are many yoga asanas which helps you to providing a better sleep some of the yoga asanas are:

  • Balasana (Wide-knee child’s pose)
  • This provides you a brief rest and sense of calm and helps in reducing mental stress.
  • It helps in relaxing and soothing our muscles and ensure our good sleep.
  • It helps in flexing the internal organs.
  • It helps in alleviating our stress and feelings of anxiety.
  • Helps in keeping the internal organs active.
  • Utthanasana (Standing forward bend pose)
  • Helps in relieving stress and tension from our neck, back and spine permanently.
  • It helps in stretches our hamstrings, hips and calves.
  • It relaxes your mind by reducing stress, anxiety depression and fatigue.
  • Gives you a better sleep and developed better hormones.
  • Provide relaxing sensation to mind.
  • Ardha Utthanasana (Standing half forward bend at the wall)
  • It improves your respiratory system and process of inhaling and exhaling of oxygen also.
  • In this your feet should be hips width apart and parallel to the edges of mat.
  • And use your palms to press the wall away from you.
  • This small step helps you to provide a better sleep.
  • And reduce all type of stresses and mental problems
  • Viparita karani (Legs up the wall poses)
  • This small yoga asana helps in recirculation of your blood flow.
  • Firstly, in this find an empty space and place your mat to the wall perpendicularly.
  • Then sit down on mat and bought your left and right side to the wall a close as possible when your body meets to the wall.
  • After that lie back onto mat and place your legs up the wall.
  • This also relax your arms by sides.
  • Savasana(Corpse pose)
  • Firstly, lie on you mat and hug your knees towards your chest and inhale deeply.
  • Then exhale and then stretch your legs out away from you, your feet should be hips width apart and relaxed away from each other.
  • Check and make sure that your shoulders are not hunched So, relax your shoulders and keep it away from your ears.
  • Optional: You can place a towel on your eyes to block out any light.
  • This asana helps you in providing mental relaxing sensation and keep your body strong internally by which you can ensure you better sleep easily.

If you do these yoga asanas you can easily get a better sleep and ensure it. So, yoga is a best medicine and solution of any disease and problems. If you having any query related to this topic, please visit on our contact us page. Till DO YOGA. 

How to get glowing skin by naturally

Beautiful and glowing skin is a reflection of good health and this type of reflection achieved by right lifestyle, practices and skin care habits. A glowing face has a very smooth texture that’s why it is able to reflect light and give your face a glow, to glow your face avoid harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes and fragrances, apart from this always cleanse your face twice a day this step helps your skin to remove dirt, excess oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells. This small step maintains your natural pH that provide glow on your face and make your skin’s natural and healthy.

Use facial scrub in a week

This helps you to remove the dead skin cells, Exfoliation is the process which helps you to get rid from dead skin cells they usually come in the form of chemical, physical and enzymatic.

Our skin’s natural pH

It is around 5-6 which is slightly acidic and the process of cleansing and scrubbing the face may disturbed our pH, they make our face tends to slightly alkaline. That’s why toner is used which maintains our skin’s pH, these products also available in your nearby market and in cosmetic shop it contains smoothing ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera.

Skin having high concerns of acne

dark patches, tan, fine lines, etc. are the biggest problem that affected your face skin badly due to this always stay hydrated because they rise when the body has dehydrated. A biggest hinderance to the glowing skin is acne and pimples, due to this there are many serums which contains powerful ingredients that make your skin free from these pimples and dark spots.

Always moisturize twice a day

This small step helps your skin in preparing the barrier of your skin and mainly it affects the water loss, beside this it also helps you face in glowing and give a slight shine to your face, they came in different forms like creams, lotions, gels and serums which is suitable for every face skin’s.

Always use sunscreen

that protects your skin from sun ray and their radiations (infrared rays). As similarly UV rays has also tendency to absorb all the moisture of your face and make your face dull and dark. So, we recommend to wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the year.

Flex your muscle do aerobic exercises

gym, Zumba, yoga and whatever that depends on your interest these exercises help you to release toxins and harmful substances from your body in the form of sweat, apart from this it helps in our blood circulation and don’t stress because it led to breakouts fine lines and wrinkles. So, keep your stress away and practicing meditation and yoga. Always smile because a smiling face is best medicine for glowing a face’s skin.

Eat right and healthy food

A healthy diet makes your face bright and helps in glowing your skin. So, a fresh and vitamin rich food always helps your skin to glow. Some of the foods that is essential for face glowing are tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, fish, greens, lemon, oranges, sweet potatoes etc. helps your skin to glow.

Home remedies:

There are many home remedies that helps your face to glow naturally with lot of kitchen’s ingredients an old step used by our ancestors for along time. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Besan (gram flour): Mix besan, turmeric, curd and lemon to form a thick and fine paste and apply it on the face and the wash it after 20 minutes.
  • Lemon: It also used in process of exfoliating, combines it with sugar or coffee powder and honey.
  • Potato: Take honey and mix it with blend potato and apply it for 15 minutes on your face.
  • Aloe vera: Use it with honey or lemon to get natural glowing skin instantly.

There are some yoga asanas which helps your skin to glowing naturally and make your face slight bright:

  • Halasana/ plough pose: It helps you to reducing stress and fatigue on your face and improves the digestive system, and regulate our metabolism by removing toxins from our body, this automatically lead you face to glow naturally.
  • Utthanasana/ forward fold: It circulate the flow of blood and most effective asana for glowing skin, by this yoga pose you never feel any shortage of oxygen in your body.
  • Trikonasana/ triangle pose: It opens up the lungs, chest and heart and supply more oxygen to the skin duet to this the skin feels refreshed.
  • Bhujangasana/ cobra pose: This asana reduces the stiffness within our shoulders and back, and elevates your mood and makes our skin smooth due to this our face become smooth and bright.
  • Matsyasana/ fish pose: It give a positive impact on our thyroid problem and pituitary gland and this turns our face glow and make it brighten, this also helps to flush out toxin substances from our body and make our skin rejuvenation.

These are some yoga asana which helps you to achieve your dream of healthy and glowing skin by naturally. So, if you having any query related to this topic please visit on our contact us page. Till DO YOGA.

How to protected from COVID- 19

How to protected from COVID- 19, Before COVID -19 always remember a strong immune system never affected from any virus. Corona virus (COVID- 19) is infectious disease which is very dangerous virus and today most people affected from this virus by this we can also to protected from COVID- 19.

Due to this many of loss their lives and some loss their family members, most of the people will experience respiratory illness that is moderate and they easily recover without requiring a special treatment but in other hand the older generation and people who firstly suffered from various diseases like diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases they have to be follow rules and regulations against COVID- 19, if they have to be secure from this dangerous virus and to protected from COVID- 19.

Protect yourself from infection protected from COVID- 19 by maintaining social distancing and by washing your hands properly after touching outside things, always use an alcohol- based rub and avoid touching your face again and again.

The COVID- 19 virus also spread from air with the help of saliva, Saliva that is discharge from our nose and mouth when we sneeze and cough and this saliva mixed with air and when another people take breath this saliva can easily enter from one body to another body. So always use handkerchief while you cough or sneeze.

Still there is no vaccine being present for COVID- 19,

so we have to follow safety precautions against this Chinese virus. To slow the transmission of COVID- 19, to protect from COVID- 19 please do the following:

  1. Always wash your hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand rub this small step removes bacteria from your hands.
  2. Maintain social distancing at least 1- meter distance is necessary and wears a mask.
  3. Avoid touching your face again and again.
  4. Always use a handkerchief for covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough.
  5. Stay at your home if you feel unwell.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. Avoid touching outside things and unnecessary things.

These are some regular tips and safety precautions against this Chinese virus,to protected from COVID- 19,.

Now some facts related to this Chinese virus:

Coronavirus first case was reported in wuhan city, china in December 2019, it spread from the food market of wuhan. Antibiotics don’t work against them and there is no vaccination is available for this so don’t play against your life stay protected and always wear a mask when you visit outside, always remember social distancing and mask are two biggest weapons against this COVID-19.

It majorly affects our upper respiratory tract that is nose, sinuses and throat and also affect our lower respiratory tract that is windpipe and lungs.

Yoga plays a significant role in social care and rehabilitation from COVID 19 patients in quarantine.

There are various yoga asana which help you to recover fast from COVID-19 during your time period of quarantine, Yoga is a discipline based on an subtle science which helps and focuses on bringing harmony between body and mind, It create a link between nature and human, also for it also beneficial during COVID-19 virus, so some of the yoga asana which is effective during this pandemic and helps in increasing our immunity are:

  • Nadi Shodhan kriya: It helps in cleaning of sinuses and beneficial in allergic conditions and reduces upper way.
  • Pawanmuktasana/ wind relieving pose: It increase our blood circulation and reduce stiffness which cause joint flexibility.
  • Kapalbhati pranayama: It improves our pulmonary functions and reduces secretions, a useful asana for cleaning of frontal sinuses,
  • Take 40 to 60 strokes per minute.
  • Nadishodhan pranayama and ujjayi: It helps in decreasing our mental stress and anxiety and stimulate the body organs and control the functions,
  • similarly ujjayi it increases the oxygen saturation in body.
  • Bhramari pranayama: It may increase nasal nitric oxide (NO), In this breath should be low and controlled and maintain your inhalation and exhalation capacity of ratio 1:2.
  • Don’t practice retention at initial stage.

Follow these yoga asanas and recommendation if you have to recover fast from COVID-19 or if you have to be secure from COVID-19.

This also helps you in increasing your immunity by which you can easily fight against from various viruses not only COVID- 19.

So, stay safe and be protected from COVID- 19.

How to gain weight by naturally

A weight may be necessary for a person whose weight is less i.e. underweight, and a very desirable goal for gaining muscles and weight. In general case consuming more calories helps in gaining of weight.

That’s why calories are necessary for an underweight person and also those who has to increase their weight, consuming 300 to 500 calories in a day can easily help you in gaining of weight, and for gaining more weight you can take 1000 calories more per day.

The proper diet with calories is very necessary for an underweight person, so to handle this there are many apps which helps you lot in calories tracking it helps you lot to adjust your calories.

People are trying to gain weight by many ways by eating foods that are present in high amount of sugar, it is easy way of increasing calories but there is side effect also that is Type 2 diabetes. So, at last I say PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

There are some tips which help you lot of gain weight naturally :

Eat four to five meals per day: If you have to gain weight rapidly then you have to take high amount calorie in a day. Eat at least three meals per day which helps you lot in gaining weight.

Weight training:  It helps you lot in gaining weight they also help in gaining muscles and ABS. There are many weight gains exercises that involve multiple muscle gain exercise that is deadlifts, bench presses and squats which helps you in gaining muscles. People who work out daily can have to pay attention on their calories and its amount. We have to do weight training at least 3 to 4 times in a week.    

Eat protein in enough amount: foods that is high in protein helps you lot in gaining fat like eggs, meats, fish, nuts and legumes helps you lot to overcome underweight problem. A proper diet with enough amount of protein helps you lot and support your muscles to grow rapidly, consuming 0.8 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram helps you to gain weight rapidly.

Always drink high calories shakes and smoothies: Some people may confuse regarding high calories shakes and smoothies. The ingredients that are present in a drink have a high amount of calories present. Some useful ingredients are:

  • Green spinach
  • Milk
  • Fruits
  • Seeds

A person with having a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 will exist in the healthy range. A person whose BMI is less than 18.5 is underweight and has to gain weight.

So, to control your BMI is necessary and we have to control our diet we should take vegetables which have high calorie such as peas, parsnip, kale- kale, beet- beet, etc.

Apart from this, there are many yoga asanas that help you a lot in gaining weight and muscles:

  • Supta Badhakonasana (Reclining butterfly pose): It makes our lower abdomen tight; it stretched our muscles and leads to reducing fat. It expenses our hips and buttocks.
  • Vajrasana (Diamond pose, Thunderbolt Pose): It gives strength to our sexual organs and thigh muscles, helping in relieving knee pain and back pain.
  • It also helps in keeping the mind healthy and stable.
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand pose): It helps you a lot in reducing belly fat and gaining muscles, especially it is helpful in the functioning of the thyroid gland and increases our metabolic rates.
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra pose): It improves our blood circulation and regulates our rate of metabolism; it helps in improving breath and stimulates our reproductive system and makes our muscles strong.
  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose): It is an effective asana for a person who has to gain weight. It helps and improves our digestive system and stimulates the thyroid gland.

These are some yoga asana which helps you lot to overcome the problem of underweight, so take more calories and increase your weight by also taking lot of proteins, so the yoga is the solution of all problems.

How to recover from Cancer?

How to recover from Cancer?

Cancer is a dangerous disease. It is not a communicable disease, but it begin the amount of cells in our body increases and they will not diet due to this the new cells generating process becomes low the cell which does ’not die called cancer cells. In this disease a person feels uncomfortable and there is a risk of life also, some dangerous cancer diseases are:

  1. Thyroid cancer
  2. Pancreatic cancer
  3. Lung cancer

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

It is a disease when the neck is swell up and it start generating pain in neck this is because the old cells which does ’not die, gather together and form tumor in place of neck.

Some of the yoga asanas are to remove thyroid cancer:

  • Viparita karani/ Wall leg pose: It is a very useful asana for thyroid patients in this a patient up his leg with the support of wall by lifting the leg the circulation of blood become high in our body and also helpful in extension of spines. In this the support of wall is necessary also known as inverted pose.
  • It helps in relieving from stress and pain.
  • It regulates the flow of blood to the thyroid gland and stimulate the functions of thyroid.
  • It controls the thyroid hormones also.
  • And regulate metabolism, temperature and growth also.
Viparita karani/ Wall leg pose
  • Sarvangasana/ Shoulder stand: It is asana where a patient sits up with the support of their shoulder and lift your legs slowly. Both hands are used to give support to the shoulder and keep your body straight.
  • This asana give rest to the body parts and keep us healthy and give a shine on our face.
  • It helps in maintaining of endocrine system of body and exerts pressure on thyroid gland.
  • It improves our blood circulation and immune system also.
  • It helps in filter of blood also and regulate the flow of blood.
  • It also controls the hormones such as growth hormone.
Sarvangasana/ Shoulder stand

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer

It is a cancer which starts from the lower part of stomach i.e. Pancreases. Due to this the functioning of pancreases become low and person feel painful. It is a silent killer cancer which starts rapidly.

  • Vakrasana/ Twisted pose: It is a major asana which is doing by sitting and bent your hands towards leg by doing this you got a confidence and feel comfortable a very good yoga asana for a cancer patient.
Vakrasana/ Twisted pose
  • Halasana/ Plough pose: In this asana firstly sit with help of your back and touch the mat with your toe beside your face at an angle of 90 and take breath slowly by doing this it helps to activate your body cells and mind and give you energy to do work. It helps in our digestion process by which our body is keep away from infectious disease and bacteria and it also regulate the RBC in our body in higher amount that cause high stamina and energy.
Halasana/ Plough pose

Lung cancer

It is mainly caused by smoking very dangerous diseases start from lungs. Because our lungs inhale lot of smoke in lungs and cause a very serious problem.

Bhujangasana/ Cobra stretch: It is also known as cobra stretch. In this a patient sit in the pose of cobra by which the air pass easily through our lungs and also stretched our body a very useful asana. Improves the circulation of oxygen and blood in our body.

  • It helps in opening your chest and shoulder.
  • Improves our mental health related passage and clear heart passage.
  • Gives relief from fatigue and anxiety and increases flexibility of body also.
Bhujangasana/ Cobra stretch

Pranayama: It is the best asana from all because by doing this a patient can easily cure from lung cancer. It is doing by sitting and take long breath slowly, by doing this the air pipe of our body get cleaned and we can breathe easily.

  •  It improves our digestion blood circulation and metabolic rate.
  • It strengthened our lungs and increase their capacity and improve kidney also.
  • It makes strong our immune system and make our brain more reliable.
  • It also cured sinus, Asthma and hair loss problems.

These are  some yoga asana by which you can easily defeat cancer but medicines are also necessary . Because yoga keeps you away from all diseases so the yoga is medicine of all diseases. SO, DO YOGA. 

How to loss weight(obesity) in a week?

How to loss weight(obesity) in a week?

It is defined as when the body mass index of patient is greater than 25 and when the fatty cells increases in our body occur many serious problems. It is a worldwide problem and also a serious problem to overcome this problem there are so many yoga and exercises.

In this era an obesity and overweight is major problem and this is due to only junk food and without diet chart an obese person have to be sincere and serious on his/her diet chart.

These are some Diet which is beneficial for an obese person to reduce weight:

  1. In early morning used fenugreek water to drink.
  2. In breakfast use brown bread and some biscuits with green tea etc.
  3. In mid -morning drink a cup of milk or fruit juice etc.
  4. In breakfast take 3 chapatis, one bowl rice, one bowl pulses, half bowl mixed vegetable or chicken curry and use salads and after some time curd also.
  5. In evening you can take fruit or salad.
  6. In night take 3 chapatis, half bowl mixed vegetable and salad
  7. Then take turmeric milk.
  8. Always drink hot water in early morning this small step cleans your stomach and remove toxic waste from stomach.

And don’t take oily food and much ghee this increase our body fats. This diet is very helpful for overweight patients. You can also use Oats in breakfast. Don’t take fast food and sweets because they increase your body fat easily.

Some exercise to reduce weight are:

  • High stepping: Run in place while pulling your knees as high as possible with each step and keep your body straight this is best exercise.
High stepping:
  • Jumping jacks: Firstly, start your feet together and your sides, then jump up with your feet apart and your hands overhead. This makes you exhausted but easily burn your fat.
Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climber: Star in the push up position and bend you right knee towards your chest and keep your left leg straight, then quickly switch from one leg to other, best exercise to bring you healthy.
Mountain climber
  • Abdominal crunches: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms stretched. Then lift your upper body off the floor and hold for a few seconds and it also helpful in bring your ABS.
Abdominal crunches
  • Plank: Lie on the floor with help of your toes and forearms and keep your body straight and maintain this position for a minute. It burns your fats an developed your ABS.
  • Cobra stretch: Firstly, lie down on your stomach and bend elbows with your hand. It stretches your abdominals and give it proper shape.
Cobra stretch

There are the exercises which are very helpful for maintaining body fat.

Some yoga asanas which are helpful to lose weight:

  • Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose: It also known as cobra stretch which helps to stretch your abdominals and make your body fit and healthy and give proper shape to whole body.
Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose
  • Virbhadrasana/ Warrior pose: Firstly, take your left leg at angle of 45 and 60 and right one at 90 a very effective yoga asanas which stretches your legs and shoulders.
Virbhadrasana/ Warrior pose
  • Chakrasana/ Wheel pose: Firstly, lie with help of your shoulder it also stretches your obliques and abdominals and a very useful for an obesity patients.
Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation:
  • Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation: It is a practice in yoga as exercise it helps in saluting our sun and helps in maintaining body weight and health.
Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation:

These are some yoga asanas which is very effective towards overweight and some exercises are also available which helps you to reduce overweight. If you do these yoga asanas and exercises you can easily defeat your overweight. SO, DO YOGA