“How to clean our liver – yoga and some natural drinks”

How to clean our liver – yoga and some natural drinks, Liver is the largest gland in the human body that controls the chemical levels in our blood and secrete a juice known as bile juice. It helps in the body to carry away the various waste and harmful products from our liver. Bile juice contained in the gall bladder and plays a major role in the digestion process. Because it converts fat into fatty acids and after it is purified by kidneys. That’s why the liver plays a main role in the digestion process. A defective liver can kill you, so we must purify our liver with help of yoga and some natural drinks by which we make our liver healthy and strong.

Some natural drinks which are fulfilled with vitamins are as:

  1. Carrot juice: The juice of carrots makes our liver pure and clean. It helps in releasing harmful and toxic substances from our liver and purify them. It also helps in reducing the fat that is stored in our liver and makes our digestion process strong and efficient.
  1. Green leafy vegetables: Vegetables consist of most of the vitamins, generally in the high amount it consists vitamin A. Vegetables consist spinach, Bitter gourd and beetroots help in purifying the liver. They are very healthy and fulfilled with vitamins. Another choice is salad they stimulate our bile juice and clean our liver gently. So a daily dose of vegetable juice is very necessary.
  1. Green tea: Green tea mainly contains antioxidants which are helpful in removing the free radical. It also helps in regulating our body fat and known as a cancer fighter. It also reduces fat and known as a cancer fighter. It also reduces the fat that is stored in our liver. A very useful beverage for our liver.
  1. Turmeric Tea: Turmeric is an efficient spice that helps our liver. Adding turmeric, Lemon juice, and some black pepper in boiled water for 7 to 10 minutes. It protects our liver against harmful substances even helps in making new cells. It also regulates the bile juice and other hormones and helps in purifying the liver gently and make it strong.
  1. Beets juice: It consists of vitamin C which helps in stimulating bile juice and supports our liver against toxic substances. It is a powerful drink and efficient which helps in process of cleansing and makes the liver strong to participate in the digestion process. So, the daily dose of beet juice is very necessary. If you must keep your liver healthy.

After all these five- natural liver cleansing drinks are very helpful for our liver, but we must limit the amount of alcohol and from most medications, they make hard on your liver. Illegal drugs and unprotected sex can easily affect our liver.

Yoga is medicine of all diseases some of the yoga asanas for liver are as:

Padangusthasana/ Big toe pose:

It is very useful in the regulation of bile juice in our digestion process.

Reduce our belly fat and liver fat also.

Makes our liver strong and healthier.

.Paripurna navasana/ Boat pose:

It improves our balance and digestion process and helps in regulating the bile juice.

It is very helpful in stimulating our kidneys thyroid and other glands.

Mainly it improves our digestive system.

Setu Bandhasana/ Bridge pose:

It also improves digestion process.

Stretches our organs like neck and spines, hips.

Regulate the blood and hormones in entire body.

Marjaryasana/ Bitilasana/ Cat pose/ Cow pose:

It supports the secretion of bile juice.

Stretches our spines and stomach.

Improves the posture of body.

Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose:

It helps in reducing liver fat and circulate the flow of blood in entire body.

It stretches our abdominals.

Give relief from stress and anxiety and helps liver in cleansing process.

Protecting our liver will help our whole-body organs. Plus, all drinks and yoga asanas make your body free from fat, cancer, and dementia. Some yoga poses which also helpful are a downward-facing dog, garland pose, gate pose, half frog pose, crow pose, sphinx pose, wheel pose. These poses make your body disease-free. So, stay healthy, DO YOGA.