How to get glowing skin by naturally

Beautiful and glowing skin is a reflection of good health and this type of reflection achieved by right lifestyle, practices and skin care habits. A glowing face has a very smooth texture that’s why it is able to reflect light and give your face a glow, to glow your face avoid harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes and fragrances, apart from this always cleanse your face twice a day this step helps your skin to remove dirt, excess oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells. This small step maintains your natural pH that provide glow on your face and make your skin’s natural and healthy.

Use facial scrub in a week

This helps you to remove the dead skin cells, Exfoliation is the process which helps you to get rid from dead skin cells they usually come in the form of chemical, physical and enzymatic.

Our skin’s natural pH

It is around 5-6 which is slightly acidic and the process of cleansing and scrubbing the face may disturbed our pH, they make our face tends to slightly alkaline. That’s why toner is used which maintains our skin’s pH, these products also available in your nearby market and in cosmetic shop it contains smoothing ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera.

Skin having high concerns of acne

dark patches, tan, fine lines, etc. are the biggest problem that affected your face skin badly due to this always stay hydrated because they rise when the body has dehydrated. A biggest hinderance to the glowing skin is acne and pimples, due to this there are many serums which contains powerful ingredients that make your skin free from these pimples and dark spots.

Always moisturize twice a day

This small step helps your skin in preparing the barrier of your skin and mainly it affects the water loss, beside this it also helps you face in glowing and give a slight shine to your face, they came in different forms like creams, lotions, gels and serums which is suitable for every face skin’s.

Always use sunscreen

that protects your skin from sun ray and their radiations (infrared rays). As similarly UV rays has also tendency to absorb all the moisture of your face and make your face dull and dark. So, we recommend to wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the year.

Flex your muscle do aerobic exercises

gym, Zumba, yoga and whatever that depends on your interest these exercises help you to release toxins and harmful substances from your body in the form of sweat, apart from this it helps in our blood circulation and don’t stress because it led to breakouts fine lines and wrinkles. So, keep your stress away and practicing meditation and yoga. Always smile because a smiling face is best medicine for glowing a face’s skin.

Eat right and healthy food

A healthy diet makes your face bright and helps in glowing your skin. So, a fresh and vitamin rich food always helps your skin to glow. Some of the foods that is essential for face glowing are tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, fish, greens, lemon, oranges, sweet potatoes etc. helps your skin to glow.

Home remedies:

There are many home remedies that helps your face to glow naturally with lot of kitchen’s ingredients an old step used by our ancestors for along time. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Besan (gram flour): Mix besan, turmeric, curd and lemon to form a thick and fine paste and apply it on the face and the wash it after 20 minutes.
  • Lemon: It also used in process of exfoliating, combines it with sugar or coffee powder and honey.
  • Potato: Take honey and mix it with blend potato and apply it for 15 minutes on your face.
  • Aloe vera: Use it with honey or lemon to get natural glowing skin instantly.

There are some yoga asanas which helps your skin to glowing naturally and make your face slight bright:

  • Halasana/ plough pose: It helps you to reducing stress and fatigue on your face and improves the digestive system, and regulate our metabolism by removing toxins from our body, this automatically lead you face to glow naturally.
  • Utthanasana/ forward fold: It circulate the flow of blood and most effective asana for glowing skin, by this yoga pose you never feel any shortage of oxygen in your body.
  • Trikonasana/ triangle pose: It opens up the lungs, chest and heart and supply more oxygen to the skin duet to this the skin feels refreshed.
  • Bhujangasana/ cobra pose: This asana reduces the stiffness within our shoulders and back, and elevates your mood and makes our skin smooth due to this our face become smooth and bright.
  • Matsyasana/ fish pose: It give a positive impact on our thyroid problem and pituitary gland and this turns our face glow and make it brighten, this also helps to flush out toxin substances from our body and make our skin rejuvenation.

These are some yoga asana which helps you to achieve your dream of healthy and glowing skin by naturally. So, if you having any query related to this topic please visit on our contact us page. Till DO YOGA.