How to get rid from back pain- BY YOGA

How to get rid from back pain- BY YOGA, Back pain usually generate from the bones ,joint muscles and nerves .It is very painful and mainly old aged people suffered from backpain .It also radiate other parts of body such as arms and shoulders .It is major world wide problem due to the back pain there are so many people which are not able to do work gently they get some difficulties to do work  even they feel painful by standing for a time. As a matter of fact ,nine of ten persons experience the back pain once in their life .It is very common complain throughout the world .It gives a high sensation of burning in back which also affect growth of muscles and make the back bone weaker .This is due to lack of calcium in our body it is painful when it radiates from our arm to leg.

Back pain affect our health such as overweight, lack of flexibility etc. To overcome this problem proper medical checkup is very important and efficient and proper amount of calcium is necessary .Because calcium contains fiber tissue which helps in making the bones and joints, tendons, and ligaments have to be strong .Exercise and yoga is very necessary to overcome the problem of backpain.

There are some prevention and management of back pain which are as follows:

  1. Regular exercises: Exercises are very necessary to overcome the problem. Aerobic exercises such as running, jogging and swimming. This gives us a flexibility to the bones and make the bond between joints stronger. So, performed it regularly
  2. Maintain appropriate body weight: Avoid overweight because according to medical research an obese person has high chance of having back pain. Keep your body underweight and burn calories.
  3. Proper sitting posture: Don’t give stress to your back. Always sit on chair with straight back and don’t cross your legs.
  4. Proper standing posture: Keep your whole-body weight on your feet with equally distributed, your knees should be straight. This helps in you preventing from backpain.
  5. Avoid lifting overweight: If you want to get rid from back pain then avoid lifting overweight because it gives stress to a back and also damage it badly.
  6. No smoking: On the basis of recent researches of medical science it is confirmed that the smokers have higher probability of having back pain instead of nonsmokers. ‘SAY NO TO SMOKING.’

Management: Management of back pain is generally giving relief from back pain. There are some therapies and surgery which gives rid from back pain. Some of the managements are:

  • Heat therapy: It reduces the symptoms of pain and provide a relief and comfort from pain and also body pain.
  • Cold compression therapy: Use ice and cold substance for massage of back which provide strengthen to the back and muscles.
  • Massage: A proper and gently massage keep your back effective.
  • Medications: medicines are very useful in reducing of pains for a short duration of time.
  • Physical exercises: Exercises gives a better result and help in reliving back pain. Yogic asanas such as Tadasana, shavasana, bhujangasana and shalabhasana, dhanurasana is beneficial for reducing of back pain.
  • Surgery: There is a surgery of back pain which is beneficial where the disc and joints and pelivical balls are treated.

 There are some yoga asanas which give relief from back pains are:

  • Supported warrior pose/ virbhadrasana:
  • It gives strength to your shoulder and back.
  • It opens your chest, hips and lungs.
  • It gives energy and support to your whole body.
  • It stretches your arms, ankles, legs and neck also shoulder etc.
  • Mountain pose/ Tadasana:                                                                  
  • It helps in correcting our posture and improve the balance.
  • It helps in increasing the flexibility of joints.
  • It keeps our body active and strong.
  • It gives strength to your lungs and knees.
  • Dhanurasana/ Bow pose:
  • Firstly, bend your knees with holding your ankles with palm.
  • Lift your legs and arms and high as you can based on your capability.
  • Hold this posture for a minute.
  • This cause the balancing of hormones in our body.
  • Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose:
  • It stretches our stomach and lungs.
  • Makes our bone and muscles stronger.
  • It gives reliefs from mental disorders.
  • Gives a satisfaction to us also and energized whole body.

These are some yoga asanas if you do these on a regular basis. You definitely get a better result and rid from back pain. So, follow these asanas and DO YOGA.