How to get rid of Hypertension

How to get rid of Hypertension- BY YOGA, Hypertension is a problem that affects all generations nowadays. It simply means an increase in blood pressure a worldwide problem throughout the world. Mainly hypertension used to be considered in middle-aged persons.

Because it increased with our blood pressure but nowadays it also affects our young generation. Because it increased with our blood pressure but nowadays it also affects our young generation because of their faulty lifestyle and rude behavior.

The person whose blood pressure is beyond 140/90 mm Hg is having hypertension and the normal blood pressure of a person is 120/80 mm Hg. Hypertension is also caused by stress, mental problems, and physical tension.

It grows rapidly in our country there are millions of cases come in a week and due to this people will depress. If anyone having hypertension, then it is necessary to check your blood pressure. In fact, high blood pressure can’t be cured usually. But it can be managed by yoga and exercises.

It is a hypothetical condition in which the blood’s force against walls of the artery becomes high and this causes high blood pressure i.e. Hypertension. According to medical science, there are four stages of hypertension which are:

  • Normal hypertension
  • Prehypertension (mild)
  • Stage 1 (moderate)
  • Stage 2 (severe)

If you are under stress then it also causes hypertension, because in that situation it regulates hormone in larger amounts which affect the speed of blood and cause the collision between blood cells and artery well which cause long term high blood pressure. In fact, hypertension can be prevented if one follows these points:

  1. Change in lifestyle: If you change your lifestyle and behavior, by changing your diet and day timetable then you get relief. If you don’t smoke and not take alcohol or drugs, then you can definitely beat high BP problems and such a lifestyle may do miracles in the prevention of hypertension.
  2. Exercise and sports activities: By sports and recreation activities. You can easily control your BP by doing yoga, walking, running, and other activities that are beneficial for high BP patients and it surely dismissed your hypertension also.
  3. Reduce obesity: By taking maintained a balanced diet and reducing your body weight is very effective to prevent hypertension. That’s why a slim body is healthier and effective.
  4. Relieve stress: Always throw out the waste thinking from your mind. Because it was only dust that produces a hormone in a higher amount and causes a collision between blood cells and artery walls. So, the stress is very dangerous for a high BP person.
  5. Take proper diet: If you should take proper food with less amount of sodium in your diet i.e. salt cause high BP. You can take potassium, magnesium, whole grain products, low fat, nuts, fruits in your diet. Medical research found that they are beneficial in the management of hypertension.

Yoga is a medicine for all diseases and stress i.e. Hypertension or physical tension. Because it gives us a peaceful environment,

so some yoga asanas which control your blood pressure are:

  1. Child pose/ Balasana:
  2. It is beneficial for patients who suffered from stress and anxiety.
  3. It gives strength to your backbone.
  4. Keeps your immune system strong.
  5. Helpful in hypertension problems.
  1. Sukhasana/ Easy pose:
  2. It regulates our breathing and organs’ capacity.
  3. Makes our respiratory system strong.
  4. Control the body hormones and stimulate it on regular work.
  5. Make our minds fresh and comfortable.
  1. Shavasana/ Cobra pose:
  2. It gives relaxation to the whole body.
  3. Provide a free mind and rid of a busy life.
  4. It gives a sensation of extreme peace and relief.
  5. Avoid mental stress and tension.
  1. Setu bandhasana/ Bridge pose:
  2. Stretches the neck and improves the circulation of blood in the glands.
  3. Is also helpful for asthma patients.
  4. Helps in reducing headaches and gives strength to muscles.
  5. NOTE: If you are pregnant then avoid doing this.
  1. Matsyasana/ Fish pose:
  2. Gives massage to the brain and increases blood circulation.
  3. Gives relief from a lot of tension and pain.
  4. Was also helpful in maintaining the health of muscles and the spinal cord.
  5. Was also helpful for thyroid patients.

These are some yoga asanas by which you can get rid of hypertension and stress. If you do these yoga asanas on a regular basis you can easily control your Blood Pressure (BP) level easily so, DO YOGA.