How to loss weight(obesity) in a week?

How to loss weight(obesity) in a week?

It is defined as when the body mass index of patient is greater than 25 and when the fatty cells increases in our body occur many serious problems. It is a worldwide problem and also a serious problem to overcome this problem there are so many yoga and exercises.

In this era an obesity and overweight is major problem and this is due to only junk food and without diet chart an obese person have to be sincere and serious on his/her diet chart.

These are some Diet which is beneficial for an obese person to reduce weight:

  1. In early morning used fenugreek water to drink.
  2. In breakfast use brown bread and some biscuits with green tea etc.
  3. In mid -morning drink a cup of milk or fruit juice etc.
  4. In breakfast take 3 chapatis, one bowl rice, one bowl pulses, half bowl mixed vegetable or chicken curry and use salads and after some time curd also.
  5. In evening you can take fruit or salad.
  6. In night take 3 chapatis, half bowl mixed vegetable and salad
  7. Then take turmeric milk.
  8. Always drink hot water in early morning this small step cleans your stomach and remove toxic waste from stomach.

And don’t take oily food and much ghee this increase our body fats. This diet is very helpful for overweight patients. You can also use Oats in breakfast. Don’t take fast food and sweets because they increase your body fat easily.

Some exercise to reduce weight are:

  • High stepping: Run in place while pulling your knees as high as possible with each step and keep your body straight this is best exercise.
High stepping:
  • Jumping jacks: Firstly, start your feet together and your sides, then jump up with your feet apart and your hands overhead. This makes you exhausted but easily burn your fat.
Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climber: Star in the push up position and bend you right knee towards your chest and keep your left leg straight, then quickly switch from one leg to other, best exercise to bring you healthy.
Mountain climber
  • Abdominal crunches: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms stretched. Then lift your upper body off the floor and hold for a few seconds and it also helpful in bring your ABS.
Abdominal crunches
  • Plank: Lie on the floor with help of your toes and forearms and keep your body straight and maintain this position for a minute. It burns your fats an developed your ABS.
  • Cobra stretch: Firstly, lie down on your stomach and bend elbows with your hand. It stretches your abdominals and give it proper shape.
Cobra stretch

There are the exercises which are very helpful for maintaining body fat.

Some yoga asanas which are helpful to lose weight:

  • Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose: It also known as cobra stretch which helps to stretch your abdominals and make your body fit and healthy and give proper shape to whole body.
Bhujangasana/ Cobra pose
  • Virbhadrasana/ Warrior pose: Firstly, take your left leg at angle of 45 and 60 and right one at 90 a very effective yoga asanas which stretches your legs and shoulders.
Virbhadrasana/ Warrior pose
  • Chakrasana/ Wheel pose: Firstly, lie with help of your shoulder it also stretches your obliques and abdominals and a very useful for an obesity patients.
Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation:
  • Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation: It is a practice in yoga as exercise it helps in saluting our sun and helps in maintaining body weight and health.
Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation:

These are some yoga asanas which is very effective towards overweight and some exercises are also available which helps you to reduce overweight. If you do these yoga asanas and exercises you can easily defeat your overweight. SO, DO YOGA