How to make your bones strong?

How to make your bones strong?

As we know that bones are important part of our body, because it gives us support to do many recreational activities. The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones includes many types of bones from head to leg like skull, spine(vertebrae), ribs, arms and leg also. Backbone which is major bone and king of all bones like Lion in forest, our bones are made up of connective tissue with calcium and specialised bone cells.

But the interesting fact is that a new born baby consist nearly 300 bones and after age to age. Some bones are fuse together and then there 206 bones left only. The smallest born is present in our ear that is malleus, incus and stapes and the largest bone in our body is present in our leg, femur or thighbone.

Our bone consists calcium in higher amount which is most important in building our bones strong and efficient that’s why milk is necessary to make our bones strong. So, the healthy bones make a man flexible and healthy. There are five types of bones in the skeleton that is flat, long, short, irregular and sesamoid.

 Now let’s see about the natural ways that build our bones healthy and make it flexible:

How to make your bones strong?
  • By eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • By doing training and weight bearing exercises make your bones strong and flexible.
  • Take lot of proteins as enough it also helps in growth of muscles. It’s a good choice for a body builder.
  • Calcium rich food is very beneficial for bones because it makes it stronger and flexible.
  • And don’t take junk food but ………. you can take house made junk food.
  • Always take fat and calorie free food.
  • And prohibit oily food as possible.
  • Take orange juice twice a day because it gives a support to bones.
  • Take vitamin D and vitamin C rich food, because it gives strength to bones.
  • Apricots, Kiwi, Oranges, Berries, Pineapples, litchi and papaya are some fruits which helps bones to stand up.

These are some natural ways by which you can easily make your bones strong…… If you properly follow this Ok. Because they contain useful minerals and calcium which fulfilled the necessity of bones. Apart these ideas there are some yoga asanas which also gives strength to the bones, so these are some yoga asanas if you have to make your bones harder:

  • Santolanasana/ Blancing pose: Firstly, lie on your stomach and place your palms under shoulder and lift your body slowly, hold the floor with toes and keep your knees straight. Hold this posture for a minute this gives you a peace and rest also.
Santolanasana/ Blancing pose
  • Vasisthasana/ Slide plank: Begin with your left hand touch the ground and remove right hand off, then raise your right arm above point your fingers to the sky. Turn your head and look up at your right then hold asana for a minute.
Vasisthasana/ Slide plank
  • Balasana/ Child pose: It provide a peace to whole body and give strength to the back muscles and bones. Keep immune system strong and healthy and make it reliable and efficient.
Balasana/ Child pose
  • Trikonasana/ Traingle pose: It maintains the digestive system and helps in burning of fat, give relief from hyperacidity and stomach pain and stretches our spines and neck and make our body strong by externally and internally both.
Trikonasana/ Traingle pose
  • Vrikshasana/ Tree pose: Improves the stability and balancing of body and make the joints, tendon, ligaments strong and give a relief from back pain and various pains associated with bones and muscles.
Vrikshasana/ Tree pose

These are some yoga asanas by which you can make your bones strong and flexible. By doing this in a discipline manner you can easily make your bones hard and strong like Iron. A healthy body always help you to achieve a success in your life we wish that you also make your body healthy and achieve the success in your life. SO, DO YOGA