How to recover from Cancer?

How to recover from Cancer?

Cancer is a dangerous disease. It is not a communicable disease, but it begin the amount of cells in our body increases and they will not diet due to this the new cells generating process becomes low the cell which does ’not die called cancer cells. In this disease a person feels uncomfortable and there is a risk of life also, some dangerous cancer diseases are:

  1. Thyroid cancer
  2. Pancreatic cancer
  3. Lung cancer

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

It is a disease when the neck is swell up and it start generating pain in neck this is because the old cells which does ’not die, gather together and form tumor in place of neck.

Some of the yoga asanas are to remove thyroid cancer:

  • Viparita karani/ Wall leg pose: It is a very useful asana for thyroid patients in this a patient up his leg with the support of wall by lifting the leg the circulation of blood become high in our body and also helpful in extension of spines. In this the support of wall is necessary also known as inverted pose.
  • It helps in relieving from stress and pain.
  • It regulates the flow of blood to the thyroid gland and stimulate the functions of thyroid.
  • It controls the thyroid hormones also.
  • And regulate metabolism, temperature and growth also.
Viparita karani/ Wall leg pose
  • Sarvangasana/ Shoulder stand: It is asana where a patient sits up with the support of their shoulder and lift your legs slowly. Both hands are used to give support to the shoulder and keep your body straight.
  • This asana give rest to the body parts and keep us healthy and give a shine on our face.
  • It helps in maintaining of endocrine system of body and exerts pressure on thyroid gland.
  • It improves our blood circulation and immune system also.
  • It helps in filter of blood also and regulate the flow of blood.
  • It also controls the hormones such as growth hormone.
Sarvangasana/ Shoulder stand

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer

It is a cancer which starts from the lower part of stomach i.e. Pancreases. Due to this the functioning of pancreases become low and person feel painful. It is a silent killer cancer which starts rapidly.

  • Vakrasana/ Twisted pose: It is a major asana which is doing by sitting and bent your hands towards leg by doing this you got a confidence and feel comfortable a very good yoga asana for a cancer patient.
Vakrasana/ Twisted pose
  • Halasana/ Plough pose: In this asana firstly sit with help of your back and touch the mat with your toe beside your face at an angle of 90 and take breath slowly by doing this it helps to activate your body cells and mind and give you energy to do work. It helps in our digestion process by which our body is keep away from infectious disease and bacteria and it also regulate the RBC in our body in higher amount that cause high stamina and energy.
Halasana/ Plough pose

Lung cancer

It is mainly caused by smoking very dangerous diseases start from lungs. Because our lungs inhale lot of smoke in lungs and cause a very serious problem.

Bhujangasana/ Cobra stretch: It is also known as cobra stretch. In this a patient sit in the pose of cobra by which the air pass easily through our lungs and also stretched our body a very useful asana. Improves the circulation of oxygen and blood in our body.

  • It helps in opening your chest and shoulder.
  • Improves our mental health related passage and clear heart passage.
  • Gives relief from fatigue and anxiety and increases flexibility of body also.
Bhujangasana/ Cobra stretch

Pranayama: It is the best asana from all because by doing this a patient can easily cure from lung cancer. It is doing by sitting and take long breath slowly, by doing this the air pipe of our body get cleaned and we can breathe easily.

  •  It improves our digestion blood circulation and metabolic rate.
  • It strengthened our lungs and increase their capacity and improve kidney also.
  • It makes strong our immune system and make our brain more reliable.
  • It also cured sinus, Asthma and hair loss problems.

These are  some yoga asana by which you can easily defeat cancer but medicines are also necessary . Because yoga keeps you away from all diseases so the yoga is medicine of all diseases. SO, DO YOGA.