How to overcome tuberculosis- BY YOGA

How to overcome tuberculosis- BY YOGA Tuberculosis is a disease which mainly affect by the bacteria and germs. In this there is problem in lungs mainly there is difficulty in breathing and apart from lungs it also affects liver, kidney and neck. Usually more than people are suffered from lung tuberculosis.

That’s spread from contact and bacteria present in our day to day environment and according to WHO and medical research tuberculosis is treatable but prevention is better than cure. World TB  day is designated on 24th march. It mainly affects our young generation and people who take tobacco have a higher risk of TB. The symptoms of TB are cough, chest pain, weakness, weight loss, fever, and high sweats these are the symptoms of tuberculosis. The shocking fact is that over 20% of case of TB appears in the world due to smocking and tobacco and its dangerous effects and it causes 25% of all HIV related deaths. It is a global problem, No country is left with this disease. But there is a good fact along with TB is curable with the help of antibiotics (regular course of 6 months)  up to  2/3rd people will fall ill due to TB. Because of no proper treatment. So the proper medication is very necessary to get rid of TB permanently. Tuberculosis is affected by Mycobacterium and also affects low immune systems people.

A TB patient should add these food items to his /her diet, some of the food items are:

  1. FRUITS: It contains vitamin A, E and C in higher amount. It contains multivitamins there are some fruits orange, guava, mango and lemon. They are very beneficial for TB patients.
  2. Green vegetables: It contains a lot of antioxidants which is very necessary for our health and immune system.  vegetables are spinach, carrot and broccoli they are also beneficial for our health and immunity.
  3. Green tea: It removes toxic substance from our body. If you have serious Tuberculosis, then don’t take tea and coffee use instead as green tea.
  4. Milk: It provide protein and calcium by which it makes our immune system stronger and provide us energy to fight against bacterial infections and take turmeric milk on regular basis.

                   Apart from these food items for TB patient sunlight is very necessary .Because it contains vitamin D and if you are not capable to sit in sunlight then take vitamin D rich food items .As we know that THE PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE so the yoga is medicine of all diseases here are some yoga asanas which helps TB patients to overcome this diseases.

  • Bhastrika pranayama/Bellows breathing:
  • It removes panic attacks depression and anxiety as well as tension.
  • It strengthens our diaphragm and lungs.
  • Increase the procedure of taking o2 and CO2 in blood and decrease the accumulation of phylum therein.
  • It cured our gastric problem also.
  • Kapalbhati pranayama:
  • improves our digestion blood circulation and metabolic rate.
  • strengthened our lungs and increase their capacity and improve kidneys also.
  • makes strong our immune system and makes our brain more reliable.
  • also cured sinus, Asthma, and hair loss problems.
  • Tadasana/Mountain pose:
  • It enhances and helps our nervous system to perform better.
  • It gives strength to our bronchioles and lungs and regulates our respiratory system.
  • Improves blood circulation and gives relief from TB and pain.
  • It makes our thighs, knees, and ankles stronger and more perfect.
  • Trikonasana/ Triangle pose:
  • Improves digestion and enhances mental problems.
  • Improves the functioning of the immune system and makes it faster and more reliable.
  • Reduces stress and back pain also.
  • It gives strength to your chest, lungs, and knees.
  • Bhujangasana /Cobra pose:
  • Improves the circulation of oxygen and blood in our body.
  • It helps in opening your chest and shoulder.
  • Improves our mental health-related passage and clear heart passage.
  • Gives relief from fatigue and anxiety and increases the flexibility of the body also.

These are some yoga asanas which is very beneficial for tuberculosis patients. If they do on regular basis you surely get a relief from TB. Always DO YOGA.